The Commune


85 MIN

PREMIERE One World, International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (2020)

IN CO-PRODUCTION WITH HITCHHIKER Cinema (SK), Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska

DIRECTOR: Jakub Julény
WRITER: Jakub Julény, Pavel Smejkal
DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Peter Važan, Juraj Mravec, Michal Koštenský
EDITOR: Marek Bihuň, Peter Morávek
PRODUCER: Barbara Janišová Feglová, Radim Procházka

The desire for freedom during Czechoslovakia’s Normalization period brought together people professing a deep inclination towards principles of the underground movement. Now, decades later, they can’t face their mutual suspicions of betrayal – of having cooperated with the state security police. Drifting throughout is the memory of their tragically departed guru, philosopher and poet Marcel Strýko. To try to come to terms with the past, an old companion from Prague organizes a revival concert in a Gothic cathedral. Will this reunion of freethinkers finally lead to repentance and forgiveness?